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Author Kallo Mahtar
Description This is one of the five maps made for the second Custom Map Adventure, which you can read about here:



Kallo had a pretty cool idea for a map including cap-points and intense elevator action, which sounds great, except that his finished map is NOTHING LIKE THAT WHATSOEVER. The map doesn't work properly and there's only one elevator that seems to kill people at random, so enjoy!

This map was made for the custom map adventure 2 non fail edition. It was an epic idea. Three lift shafts each with a cap point in them. Capping the lift moved it to block exit points for the opposing team. The result was nothing like this idea.

- Tea Drinkers -
Image Click here for screenshot
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Date Thursday 20 August 2009 - 20:29:00
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dc_shafted jafanshen | 31 Aug : 20:00
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