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Desert Crisis is a mod set in the near future, so there is a mix of modern weaponry (such as Desert Eagles and MP5's) and futuristic weapons (such as laser sniper rifles and plasma cannons). Desert Crisis features a modular objective system which gives the mappers _TOTAL_ freedom. They can link objectives as well, so you could, for example, shoot the VIP and take his briefcase. It is totally up to the mapper, they can even specify if they want rounds or not. The objective system also works with Half-Life's trigger system, so events can be triggered by the objectives. For example, you could capture the flag, and buildings could explode, it is totally up to the mapper.

The mod also features a character selection system similar to old-school paper RPGs. You choose your body-type, weapons, and perks (such as extra adrenaline, nightvision and so on). This way, your character is a reflection of your playing style. Also, not only can you customize how your character is equipped, but how he LOOKS as well. DC features a unique character customization system wherein you can pick skin color, accessories (hats, hair, glasses, etc.). There are literraly THOUSANDS of possible combinations. This mod will be one of the first games where u can recognize someone by how they look, not just the name at the bottom of the screen.

Desert Crisis is a pulse-pounding over-the-top war simulation. The focus is on having a great time, and using some of the coolest weapons to do it. We are not striving to be realistic, as we believe this simply limits what we can do with the modification.

There are three teams at war which you can assume. The UPKO, USA, and the Scourge of the Desert. This is their story... The UPKO (United Peace-Keeping Organization) was dedicated to bringing order and prosperity to the world. In their struggles for peace they began gathering the worlds greatest minds to create "weapons of peace" with which they planned to help resolve issues and protect the weak. The organization was a great success and peace soon spread the globe. As the years passed the UPKO began to create trouble. Where they once stood for peace, small factions within the organization began using their technology to bring themselves further power and strength. They forced scientists to help them create new weapons and began to fight amongst themselves. The UPKO began to lose membership from small countries who felt they were being pushed around.

At this point the united leaders turned against the very vocal United States. President Wilson Bernhardt had begun to publicly accuse powerful members of the UPKO of treason and acts against humanity. Being one of the largest members of the UPKO and one of the most influential, these actions led to open revolt as people began to rally and strike back at the UPKO. The organization was in trouble...

After a few months the US broke off with the UPKO and declared openly that no more selfish actions would be tolerated. This caused more countries to abandon the UPKO until it basically became a conglomerate of european and asian forces. Now on the brink of war the two sides have abandoned global weapons in their conflict fearing MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) if they used these weapons.

Rising from the ashes of the crisis, the Scourge of the Desert (otherwise known as the "Scorpion's Sting") began their crusade towards peace. Funded by untold millions, this group of freedom fighters believes that neither side cares for true peace and fight to liberate themselves and their brethren. The Scourge have freed hundreds of scientists and researchers from the clutches of the UPKO and have found themselves powerful allies. Amassing quite exclusive advances in cybernetic prosthesis they have become a force to reckon with.

The world now is truly at war as everyone claims to be fighting for peace. Each side draws hundreds of new recruits each day... Which side are you willing to fight for...
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