News Item: OMG! New maps!
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Posted by Bo0m!
Thursday 20 August 2009 - 20:46:09

Thanks to Loki we now have 7 new maps added to our database! They are:

In addition to these new maps, the following map downloads have been updated: dc_annopus, dc_assault, dc_assaultdepot, dc_bloodsport, dc_boomtown, dc_Cult, dc_depot, dc_fall, dc_ghostship, dc_hellfiret2, dc_kamik, dc_melee2k, dc_meleearena, dc_steelrain, dc_x-Fade, and foe_dm. Nothing major, just updated resource files have been included with the maps. Another thing to note is that dc_kingtown, dc_lanparty, dc_meleeless, dc_shafted, and water1 from the "Custom Adventure 2: Crap Edition" map pack have been placed up for separate download and now also include updated resource files.

Lastly, the main map pack found at has been updated with everything. For those of you who are lazy, simply download the giant map pack and extract it to your Desert Crisis folder.

That's all for now, keep a look out for a new Custom Map Adventure in the near future!

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