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Posted by Bo0m!
Wednesday 21 January 2009 - 00:48:31

Big update! A lot of Desert Crisis content has been recovered and added to the downloads section thanks to Rothgar over at Pop over there and give him a big thanks!

First thing's first, the DC Installer and patch have been updated to version 1.5c and include quite a few updates! Even if you downloaded the 1.5a installer up previously I highly suggest you get the patch, a good amount has been updated, I even worked on making the commandmenu useful! Anyone running servers or planning to run servers should also get the 1.5c server binaries from the installer or patch, they really fixed a lot of things!

Now onto the other updates, a bunch of map downloads have been updated with resource files and briefings, and a handful of maps have been added to the downloads section as well! The updated maps include:
dc_arena, dc_bulletproof, dc_cerebrum, dc_ctf_hellfire, dc_desertcity, dc_dusk, dc_grav, dc_gravruin, dc_legoland, dc_mine, dc_snipecity, dc_subzero, dc_aztec, dc_countryside2, dc_sandtorn2, dc_sideway, and dc_village2
The new maps added are:
dc_ctf_unknown, dc_Cult, dc_depot, dc_dust, dc_fall, dc_grassland, dc_hellfiret2, dc_hyrule, dc_kamik, dc_underground, dc_x-Fade, and foe_dm

I have made a map pack of every map available for download as well so you don't have to bother downloading each and every map if you want them all!

Last but not least, as a little bonus to everything, an alternate steam menu has been put up in the downloads section if you've gotten sick of the new one already.

And that's about it! Go download the new installer and GO PLAY SOME DESERT CRISIS!

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